Acupuncture Software Products

Below is an overview of the products and services provided by Taomedic Software International


TaoClinic Professional
Advanced Tools for Chinese Medicine

Taoclinic - Professional acupuncture database patient clinic managment

Taoclinic Professional - The software for advanced acupuncture that includes tools for patient and clinic management. Taoclinic Professional includes extensive scope of data, enhanced navigation and state-of-the-art intuitive operation. It is innovative, elegant, sophisticated and user-friendly!

Acupuncture Expert

Ace - Acupuncture Expert

Unique acupuncture software for Chinese medicine practitioners, students and medical doctors. It is the next step in medical software. Helps employ smart tools and enhance your views and possibilities as a practitioner or a student. With its massive database, smart wizards and filters,Rolex Replica it lets you focus on the things that are really important.

The Chinese Medical Dictionary

AcuData - Chinese Medical Dictionary
Provides the most comprehensive Chinese medical information in the fastest, most flexible way possible, at a very low budget.

Tao Knowledge

The ultimate knowledgebase tool for Chinese medicine

Tao Knowledge – the ultimate knowledgebase tool

Tao Knowledge is an intuitive acupuncture software, designed for maintaining and recreating a Chinese medical knowledgebase for both beginners and advanced users.