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Taomedic Software International Ltd. offers superior quality products and services. We provide customers with the tools they need for achieving their goals. Our experience, innovative approach and commitment to excellence have contributed to our excellent reputation. We provide the best solutions in a field of endless questions. Our softwares are used extensively and appreciated by therapists, medical schools, students and medical doctors around the world.

Taomedic Software International Ltd. was formed by its directors on the basis of their vast experience in the fields of medicine and computers. For every project, special people prominent in their fields, are carefully chosen to bring out the most of the medical/technical relations.

Taomedic Software International Ltd. is a leader in customer service, as well is in product innovation, power and ease of use. By using our products, you can enjoy the quality and charm of a leader, and benefit from the flexibility and imagination of our professional staff. Our company is sensitive to the changing customers’ needs. You can rest assure that working with Taomedic Software International Ltd., provides the latest services, technologies and developments in the industry, and adds value to your practice.

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Taomedic Office

At Taomedic Software International Ltd., our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us, and you can expect us to “go the extra mile” for your business, regardless of its size. We believe that every customer counts. That is why superior customer service is the hallmark of Taomedic Software International Ltd. We are proud to serve you and help innovate your business.

You are welcome to visit the clinic
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